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Anastasia Beauty Express For Brow & Eyes

Anastasia Beauty Express For Brow & Eyes

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Beauty Express will help you easily create the perfect, luxurious eyebrows in just a few minutes. The wax creates a base for the eye shadow, allows you to model the shape and fix the hairs. The eyebrow and eyelid shadows have a pleasant texture, lay down evenly and do not crumble. Stencils allow you to select and create the perfect shape of your eyebrows, avoiding messy look, and a convenient beveled brush with synthetic fibers - accurately and accurately apply wax and shadows. The funds can be used both in combination and separately.

Select a stencil of the shape you need, attach and press it firmly to the eyebrow, focusing on points 1,2,3 indicated on the template.
Using a beveled brush, apply wax to the brow, it will increase the durability of the eye shadow.
Once the brush is clean, use it to apply eyebrow shadow.
Set the stencil aside and pluck the hairs that extend outside the painted area.
Apply a lighter eye shadow under the brow for extra definition and definition. They also "highlight" the inner corner of the eye, making the look fresher and visually enlarging the eyes.

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